Kentishtowner, March/April 2013

Award-winning daily website, the Kentishtowner loved our 1940s design for Poppies of Camden.

They said: ‘There was plenty of local buzz online at first news of the restaurant coming to Camden Town, as much for the promise of 1940s theming as for top quality fried fish. The site, on Hawley Crescent – one similar to that of Pizza East on Highgate Road – has seen a succession of lacklustre operations try and fail over recent years, so there’s genuine excitement that Poppies is going to be the one that sticks.  And one look at the place reveals the scale of the ambition. It’s been completely transformed, with original fixtures and fittings throughout, from classic Underground station tiling to salvaged MOD pendant lights. A Wurlitzer jukebox stands effortless on the ground floor while, beautiful in a different way, heavy-duty Thomas Crapper loos grace the toilets. Hand-painted murals on the walls offset the genuine 1940s signs and pictures.........A cleverly separate take away operation next to the main restaurant (check the vintage cinema seating on which to enjoy it out front too), means this opening appeals on many levels, certainly not just to fish supper-seeking market tourists. Locals will appreciate the real quality of the food, the impressive interior and all the little touches, such as the bespoke newsprint packaging.  And Camden has just got itself a brand new micro music venue too.’

Evros Agathou