Our Residential Interior Design In the Spotlight

Our award-winning Stoke Newington Apartment design took centre stage in Angel Resident magazine's inspirational articles on how to make colour work in your home. 

The February edition's three-page spread focussed on the bespoke originality of the design and how it met the practical needs of our client. The piece explores how we re-worked the space to create an extra bedroom and move the kitchen from a windowless box room into a large open-plan space. Using a combination of industrial fittings with earthy colours as a base, we carefully selected quirky pieces and a mix of colours to add character and individuality. Bespoke design innovations highlighted include the colourful kitchen colander lights and the playful take on the traditional chandelier with minimalist bulbs. 

Commenting on the design, Angel Resident said: "Their (Avocado Sweets') commitment to originality with this family home is something that rings true throughout the whole Stoke Newington area, marrying the apartment and its local world together perfectly."

"We already know we have to watch this space intently when it comes to Avocado Sweets, as their creative drive knows no bounds........ Avocado Sweets don't think outside the box. For them, there never was one to begin with." 

Media CoverageSusie Agathou