Made you smile: how to use humour in design

Humour is a vital part of life, helping us cope with stress and boosting happiness, so why not incorporate some into your home design? A room full of beautifully crafted fixtures and fittings is all very well, but it’s the humorous touches that add personality and lift a design from stylish to memorable. Without humour, our designs become flat and uninteresting. Just as comedians have a variety of tools to make us laugh, humour in design can take many forms. As a general rule, we find humour in the unexpected. In design, this can be achieved by playing with scale, style and surprise in furniture, fixtures, artwork and accessories. If you’re feeling really brave, you could even build it into the house’s structure. As always, be bold and keep it fun, but don’t try too hard – you want your home to be an expression of you and your style, not a comedy show.

Take a look at these great examples we found in our latest article for Houzz UK:

Decorating: How to Use Humour in Your Design