Hopper and Bean Turns One

In just two months iconic vintage coffee shop Hopper & Bean celebrate their first year in business. We chat to fearless co-founder Cet Izzet about how their brand and interior design helped secure their success. 

Walking past the double fronted glass exterior of Hopper & Bean you can feel the buzzing atmosphere within. Couples, friends, families, freelancers have all found their little piece of heaven with an artisan coffee and a colourful plate of food.  

Having transformed the former laundrette with the help of Avocado Sweets Design Studio, the coffee shop has quickly become a favourite with locals and visitors to Winchmore Hill Green (N21). 

The new brand and interior design needed a careful balance to create a unique setting within the vintage context while avoiding cliché. A place locals could call their own with enough pull to attract visitors from all over North London.

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The simple typography of the Hopper & Bean logo and icon gave a thoughtful, confident feel to the brand- leading many to assume this was a well established set up rather than a new independent. 

The timeless interior, created with a careful mix of colour, texture and materials, has won praise from young and old. It’s even sparked a foot-photo craze with customers enjoying the juxtaposition of their shoes against the beautiful geometric floor tiles. 

The brainchild of family team Cet Izzet, his sister Filiz Hassan and brother-in-law Hasan Hassan, Hopper & Bean set out to capture the imagination of the area. Every detail has been carefully constructed from the brand identity through to the quality of the food and drink offering. 

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We caught up with co-founder, Cet on his well-earned day off to find out how their first year has gone so far, his thoughts on the importance of their design and future plans. 

Cet says:

“It was really overwhelming in the first few months with so many people coming in. We’ve got our regulars and some people coming from further afield. There’s always new people coming in. It’s a really lively space and it’s had a positive impact on the whole parade. 

“People are drawn to the space - the style, the ambiance alongside the laid-back service. We get a real mix of customers, some come to relax, some want a quicker coffee. The furniture works well for that - there’s a lot of flexibility so customers can choose whether they prefer a bench stool or a seat. 

Hopper & Bean Founders (from L-R) Hasan Hassan, Filiz Hassan, Cet Izzet at last summer's N21 festival giving a sneak peak of the food and drink before opening in August 2017.

Hopper & Bean Founders (from L-R) Hasan Hassan, Filiz Hassan, Cet Izzet at last summer's N21 festival giving a sneak peak of the food and drink before opening in August 2017.


“Loads of people come in and take photos of the interior. They take photos of their feet on the floor tiles and they’re fascinated by the wallpaper tiles. We’ve brought a bit of originality to the area and set a trend. A few places have opened up and copied bits of our design. People are always coming in and taking photos. Everyone asks us who we worked with on the design.” 

The interior design

“The design plays a massive part in the success of Hopper & Bean. It gets people in. The overall look is all part and parcel of the way we do everything - from the service to the way we present our food and our social media. It all has to balance and that’s where we’ve worked hard to bring it all together. 

“In winter it’s nice and warm with the dark walls and lighting and in summer it’s nice and bright with the white floor tiles. 

The logo

So many people think we’re a chain and they’re shocked to find out we’re an independent. The logo you designed for us is priceless. It is everywhere on our brand. From the uniform to the menus. 

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“We’re so busy that sometimes there aren’t enough tables, but we manage to make space, even for the buggies. That’s where the benches are really useful. Parents can put the buggy next to them if needs be. We wanted the space to be welcoming to the families in the area. That was really important to us. 

“Kids seem to really love it here. They enjoy the design. We’ve put some kiddie books in so they can sit and read and relax too.  The homeliness of the place is a big selling point.” 

On Avocado Sweets Design Studio

“When we first met Evros (Creative Director) we knew he was the right designer. We’d met a few others, but Evros was really involved and had a vision. Avocado Sweets were really helpful. We love the way you guys work. It’s very two-way so we got to work together and share different ideas. 

“The whole process went very smoothly. We had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve and you introduced us to new ideas and materials and products. You have all the know-how and the contacts to help us. The design is spot-on. We’d definitely recommend you to everyone. Lots of people come in and ask who designed the shop and we’re always happy to tell them about you.” 

The future? 

“We’d love to open more Hopper & Beans. We’re always thinking of new ideas, picking up inspiration from our travels and keeping an eye out for the right space.” 

We say

Working with the Hopper & Bean team was an amazing experience. They were so clear on their vision for the concept which is a fantastic basis for a design project. It was great to think through how we could bring their vision to life through the branding and interior.  We’re incredibly proud of the final result and delighted to see them go from strength to strength. Congratulations Hopper & Bean on an amazing first year!

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Hopper & Bean is at 4 The Green, London N21 1AY

Visit https://www.hopperandbean.com for more. 


Photography by Enzo Cerri Photography



Susie Agathou