To en-suite or not to en-suite? Designs that work.

Leaky taps, pokey spaces, body-clinging shower curtains? No way. Your bathroom should be your sanctuary.  If you can fit one in your bedroom, all the better.  En-suite designs aren't right for every room.  We've seen some shockers in our time.  Tiny bathrooms crammed into small bedrooms, separated by flimsy plasterboard walls.  The result?  Both room and bathroom lose any sense of appeal and probably reduce the property's value overall.  But with careful planning and the right materials you can make the most of an en-suite design without destroying the sense of space.

We came up with a unique en-suite design for a client's Hadley Wood modern country house.  Granted the master bedroom was a decent size (35 square meters)  but needed careful planning out to make the most of the room.  We pulled the Super King bed into the centre and created a custom-made leather headboard that doubles up as a room divider.  The en-suite was set behind the bed with elegant Alessi bathroom fittings on display.  In the centre of the headboard we installed a glass panel to let light into the bedroom and allow our client to watch TV from the bath.  No more dilemmas over how to unwind of an evening. The wooden flooring of the bedroom switched to porcelain tiles in the bathroom, giving a distinct feel to each space without losing the sense of seamless transition from bath to bed.


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