Decorating: How To Get The Right Mix of Vintage and Modern

Do you love a mix of vintage and modern pieces but not sure where to start in your own home? Our Creative Director, Evros Agathou unpicks the anatomy of some successful designs in his latest editorial ideabook on Houzz UK. He says: "I love to use vintage pieces in my designs. There’s a power in objects from the past that someone before our time decided to preserve. With a careful eye, we can help these objects discover new life in our homes. Who knows what stories the factory light could tell? Or who took a rest on that antique chair?

"The trick to getting vintage right is all in the mix. There are no hard and fast rules here and, of course, it all depends on the effect you want to create. Unless you’re after an all-out theme, it’s best to create an interesting balance with a mix of old and new, dark and light, and a variety of textures. Too much heavy metal industrial and you’ll feel as if you’re in a factory; too many heavy wood pieces and your house turns into a museum. Here are some examples of beautifully balanced spaces to get you started."

Decorating: How to Get the Right Mix of Vintage and Modern

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