Avocado Sweets ‘one to watch’ - says FX magazine

FX Magazine
FX Magazine

Leading industry magazine, FX, has tipped Avocado Sweets as ‘one to watch’ in their latest edition (July 2012).

Our design studio is featured in the magazine’s full page monthly profile of up and coming commercial designers and product designers.

FX says of Avocado Sweets: “The studio’s ‘business-case’ approach to design has helped transform commercial spaces to meet clients’ business objectives without blowing huge budgets.”  Of founder Evros Agathou it continues: “Agathou’s passion for the unusual ensures each project is original as well as functional.”

Evros Agathou says: “It is a huge honour to have our designs recognised in FX magazine. Clients deserve exceptional design for everyday living and we’re excited to give them just that."