A Royal Flush

Judge a restaurant by its toilets?  We do, so at  

Poppies of Camden

 we've created an authentic (and comfortable!) experience with the finest of British sanitary ware.

Don’t worry, unlike the recently installed reclaimed lights, we’re not going vintage.  But we are doing the next best thing with Thomas Crapper & Co’s new versions of his old designs.The enthusiasts who run Crapper's famous old firm have reproduced this Edwardian W.C. with remarkable attention to detail.   So you’ll find an authentic low-level cistern with the wonderfully titled ‘beer-engine’ handle flush (pictured above).Although not the inventor of the flush toilet, as is widely thought, Crapper's reputation for quality and inventiveness led to widespread popularity for his designs. He exhibited them in his (and the country's) first bathroom showroom on the King's road. Apparently the 'china bowls' on display were considered so shocking they made ladies faint at the sight.The Yorkshireman, who died in 1910, would have been well-known in the 40s after he received Royal Warrants from both Edward VII and George V.  The company fell into decline by the late 1950s but has thankfully survived and is now an independent company once again.

Come and enjoy these design classics. It took eight years of research and development to make them as close to the originals as modern plumbing will allow. For more on Crapper's history and the labour of love that has brought these great W.C.s back to life, take a look at 

Thomas Crapper and Co

Poppies of Camden will be fully open to the public from 2 April 2013, 30 Hawley Crescent, Camden Town, NW1. See you there.

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